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LVT is made of PVC plastic, fiberglass, or a wood-plastic composite.

Luxury Vinyl (LVT) vs Tile Floors

Are you on the fence about selecting luxury vinyl tile (LVT) or real tile floors? Consider these factors before you select your material and hire an installer.

A man and woman discuss a DIY tile installation.

Before you attempt a DIY tile installation…

Before you attempt DIY tile, make sure your decision is based on realistic expectations. The details in this article will help you understand what to expect.

A tile installation contractor answers a client's question.

5 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Tile Installer

How can you decide whether a contractor will perform a high quality installation? Ask questions.

A dog sitting on a floor.

What is the best type of flooring for pets?

Tile flooring is both aesthetically pleasing and functionally practical for pets. This article explains why, as well as how tile and stone measure up to other types of flooring.

Three different tile size options are displayed.

Choosing the Perfect Tile Size

The best tile size for your kitchen, bath, or other area will depend on your style preferences, the room size and shape, and other factors. Although there is no exact formula for choosing the right size, here are some important ideas to keep in mind.

Tile bathroom with tile lighting by Illuminiche.

Gorgeous New Lighting Possibilities for Tile Installations

Well-planned lighting can showcase the appearance of your tile installation, while improper lighting can diminish it. In this article, we further illuminate this subject so that homeowners can make enlightened decisions about tile-friendly lighting.

Wood-look tile floors are easy to maintain. Real hardwood floors must be sanded and refinished periodically to remove surface damage.

Real Wood vs Wood-Look Tile Floors

Are you on the fence about selecting real wood or wood-look tile floors? There are so many factors to consider before you select your material and hire an installer.

Adam Copher, Owner, places a bag of grout in his truck cab on a rainy day.

How Materials and Other Factors Influence Labor Costs

Some homeowners are surprised when they learn how labor costs are determined. In this article, we take some of the mystery out of how material selection and other factors impact labor costs.

This is a newly installed tile shower with a niche.

Shower Showdown: Shower Inserts vs Tile Installation

If you’re in the market for a new shower, and wondering whether to get a prefabricated shower insert or to have tile installed, this article explains the advantages and disadvantages of each.

An installer places a 3-D tile on an accent wall.

The Five Most Popular Premium Tile Installation Upgrades

If you want your home to feel like a highly customized, luxurious space that reflects your personality and lifestyle, adding custom upgrades to your tile installation is the way to go.

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