The Latest Trends in Bathroom Tile

Here’s a bird’s-eye view of a shower with 3-D tile walls and a linear shower drain.

Whether you’re thinking about selling your home, renovating to enhance its value, or you want a gorgeous new space to enhance your time indoors, check out the latest trends in bathroom tile. These not only provide impressive changes to your home, but they will also command attention far into the future.

Wood-Look Plank Tile

Wood-look plank tiles are gaining popularity for bathroom floors. They look great in most interiors and add the outdoor feel using earth tones. Wood-look tiles are available in just about any color you could imagine – from dark browns to light grays and everything in between. Your tile contractor can install them in regular or intricate patterns.

Since these are tiles, they’re water resistant, won’t swell or buckle, and are overall more durable than wooden flooring. Another great advantage is that these tiles are easier to clean because they have less grout and thinner grout lines that won’t collect as much dirt and debris. Also the “wood grain” makes dirt less obvious. Nobody wants to spend all their time cleaning. Wood-look plank tiles for bathroom flooring are poised to become a classic because they look so real and last longer than actual wood flooring in a bathroom.

Marble & Stone Looks

Right now you’re probably thinking, “Why would I want marble or stone ‘look’ in my bathroom?” Well, as with the wood-look plank tiles, these stone and marble tiles can be easily mistaken for the real thing. Plus, they’re simpler to care for than actual stone or marble. You can bring the outdoors in with these natural element looks.

The best way to work these tiles into your bathroom design is by mixing them with wooden-look floor tiles. They pair effortlessly with earth tones. Looks include: marble and granite looks, beige stone- or multicolor slate-look tile, and giant gemstone designs. The important point to remember is to choose an earth tone that best compliments your bathroom space.

Down to Earth

Shower niche with round, earth-tone mosaic tiles.
A recessed niche adorned with breathtaking circular mosaic tiles.

Everything springs from the earth. You can bring the feel of the outdoors in and create a calm, peaceful living space. We’re not talking about merely brown and beige.

If you haven’t renovated for a while you may be pleasantly surprised by the way tiles have advanced in recent years – more colors, more shapes, and even textures.

Plus, using earth tones is a safe way to incorporate bathroom tile trends without being off-putting in any way toward buyers, should you decide to sell your home.

Choose a New Color

What would you call a color combo of gray and beige? Why greige of course! That’s right, greige is a trending neutral color tile that’s becoming quite popular, and helps tie together brown/beige or gray/black tones.

Here’s an example of one of our projects in Paso Robles, California. This was a remarkable transformation! The homeowners wanted an in-law suite. They converted their laundry room into a sophisticated full bathroom and laundry combo. The greige pebbles tie their new shower and flooring together with the wood cabinets.

Spacious stall shower, pebble shower pan, and niche accents.

Shapes & Patterns

Not only are tile colors becoming more diverse, their shapes and patterns are changing, too. There are so many tiles from which to choose for bathroom walls and floors you may find yourself overwhelmed. Talk with your contractor or interior decorator if you need input.

Shapes and patterns include chevron, hexagon, herringbone, subway tiles, smaller squares, weaves, Moroccan patterns, and more. Combine earth tones with a creative pattern for a unique look that’s all you. Options include floral themes, Art-Deco-inspired designs, geometric configurations, and everything in between. When you use earth tones with a three-dimensional surface you add visual texture. In the past, present, and future, bathrooms with wall and floor tiles will remain popular.

Long & Narrow Subway Tiles

Subway tiles have been around for a while, but this year it’s all about unique shapes. So, if you want a sleek, ultra-modern bathroom, then try long narrow subway tiles. Use them to accentuate a wall and create a different dimension to your bathroom. With larger tile planks and graphic patterns, you can give your bathroom an individualized look that reflects your unique style.

Remain Neutral

Rustic tile shower with neutral color palette.

Maybe you like the classics and want to keep your bathroom renovation in a clean, traditional style. That’s cool, too. When it comes to bathroom tile trends, certain ones offer incredible longevity across generations.

A bathroom with a neutral color palette conveys its own charm and simplicity. It also lends itself to more leeway for additional decorating. Neutral-color bathroom tiles keep it simple yet elegant.

The monochromatic look works well in any modern or contemporary bathroom.

Another thought is to use the same white marble tile throughout the bathroom but mix up the shapes throughout. This decorating trick keeps the space bright and gives it some intrigue with the different shapes and textures.

Take, for example, this shower project we completed in Cambria, California. Notice the herringbone pattern in the niche and the brick pattern (aka “running bond”) walls, a mosaic tile shower floor, and a bench top that matches the vanity top. All of these shapes and patterns are lovely together.

Heavy Metal

Earth tones and metal? It might sound odd, but bear with us – it works. Think about copper, dark brown, and/or black to create a sleek urban look and feel. Because metal reflects light it can add an edgy makeover to a bathroom. If you’re not feeling quite that bold, metallic tiles also go well with neutral color floor tiles. A metallic sheen or finish is always in style.

Just think about the current fixtures around your bathroom. You may already have some with a metallic color, and now you can tie it all together by strategically placing metallic bathroom tiles. This can be one of the most vibrant tile ideas you can use when remodeling your bathroom.

Matte Finish

Matte finish tiles are quickly becoming popular for the bath area and will no doubt remain a strong trend in bathroom tile for decades. The matte finish creates a softer yet still compelling look when used as flooring or on walls. As an added bonus, matte finish tiles are easy to maintain.

Safety First – Texture and Slip Resistance
When it comes to flooring, make sure that you select tiles that have a bit of texture in them and are specifically designed for floors. You want to avoid anything slippery since it will become even more slippery when wet. Stay safe!

What bathroom tile trends do you have in mind?

When renovating your bathroom, earth tones are especially popular now and for the foreseeable future. Current choices in tile shape, color, finish, texture, and pattern make your options limitless. Take time to get creative with your choices and look at different tiles before making your final decision. To learn more, visit our Bathroom Tile and Stone page. You may also be interested in reading our article, Curbless Showers.

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